Found Words, Implied Meanings

by corrvus

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This album was written starting immediately after the demo was put out (October 2016) and recorded near the end of 2017


released December 14, 2017


all rights reserved



corrvus Simi Valley, California

Booking, etc: email or 805 624 9053

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Track Name: 1
A year from now I will know you by name only

This is a cycle of life, this is a part of being

I can turn loneliness, to bitterness, to anger to cope

This is something i've learned

it's so much easier to be without when every bridge is burned

this is a modern lifestyle

I can be interesting

I could be someone you might like to talk to

I can be worth your time
Track Name: Meaning
Birth served me kinder

Life would've seen me a mariner

in some sort of golden age

reminiscent of stories of old

history to forget my name

but i would know the sea

grow old on an ageless sea

grow grey among green and grey

history to forget my name

but i would know the sea

I suppose what I am trying to do here is in a sense crucify myself through discomfort, so that i can know pain, i can be saved

go forth to unnamed ports

see stars as they're meant to be seen

history to forget my name

but the sea to know my worth

myself to work my worth

my body to earn it's aches

speak in lore to replace

know my name in a vast expanse

know my name in it's last breath

history to forget my name
Track Name: Words
They Built an empire, on Zossima's rotting flesh

They built another world, on the purification of Christ's words

Malpractice dentistry, by the kingdom's best

dislocation, built from grey skies

Your new savior is performing

buy a ticket, watch him dance

and see the ghosts that haunt this building, they're only semi-transparent

see his bells, hear them ring, let them comfort you

and rejoice your father's sins are forgiven in the blood of the inquisition

oh empty beneficiary what have you now?

a blank page, in a book of black thoughts

write nothing, so that forests can grow

write nothing, hang your head, move on

there's a party in the streets

you're uninvited, you're weak

your eyes are clouded with tears that you owe

shed the tears, explain your blindness

shed the tears, and see Zossimas blood was no better
Track Name: Implication
With Sisyphus considered is it worth it, to cling to pretty things?
so that time and age will cease their terrible hunting, if only momentarily

to search for a place where one can sit down, without the unnerving pressure to immediately stand

in a field, old growth, or the window of the house where you spent your best, waiting to hear the train pass, before falling asleep

arise, sun kill this mistake of an age

do i look like my mother? Do i talk like my father?

Spring is waining in it's bloom and is ungraspable even with hands not already so full

do i look like my mother? Do i talk like my father?

Sunrise took years, but the moon is only minutes away

do i look like my mother? do i talk like my father? do i talk the way he talks?
Track Name: 2
Let's leave this place/if only for an hour/ lets run away from loneliness/ light a cigarette in celebration every time you pass that point/ lets save enough for moonlight/ we can starve ourselves satisfactory/ we can stay up so late we find meanings/ in street lights/ fast food dinners/lost friends/and the discomforting pinch of a tattoo needle held by an ungloved, unwashed hand/ learn the names of everyone under a bridge/find comfort watching trains/ hoping for a freight/ send prayers to a non attendant god, rightfully unnamed thus far/ for the woman selling paintings at the gas station at midnight/ for the meth drinker having visions of children, who won't stop laughing at him/ for the mute who lost his job to paranoia/ for the woman waiting for her husband to return from Vietnam/ for the man who will wait for an unknown relation to take him home, but until then will water dirt in his from yard/ to the inheritor who's father's money will not come/ to the heroin user, ready to raise a child that is not his.

Lets make sense of this

by the fire in the hills, turned blue in the night sky, watching an inconsequential freeway bring gas haulers home

to families who will forget every beautiful memory

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